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Issues with central locking module?

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Hey all, brought my baby in to the dealership for some work on the O2 sensors and cats...and now they're telling me to central locking module (or whatever allows you to lock the car with the key or from inside) is dead!

I'm wondering if they blew a fuse or something while doing the Cat/O2 sensor repairs?

I've never had any problems with the locking mechanisms before, and am curious to know if anyone else has had a similar problem or knows of an easy fix.
They're quoting me $1K and change for this...which I think is absurd since it worked just fine before I drove it in.:grrrrr:
NE suggestions?
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I really hope this is not the case for me as well.

Does your central locking button work on the inside of the car?

Also, do your interior lights work when you open the doors?
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