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I've still got the running in sticker on the window of my E34 M5 (57k km, 35,400 miles)

I think the diff oil was original also , totally black when it was changed :)

My M5 was parked up for over a decade, low mileage brings other problems, every hose was shot, a lot of suspension rubbers needed replacement.

The paint had gotten mildew under the car cover and the PO (2nd owner) buffed most of the clear and some of the color off to get it out, I'm up for a recoat.

Good points are the carpet and interior are still good and basic mechanical components are also ok and no rattles in the body/chassis.


Agree with Tony.

And most of garage queen cars have two problems:
1. Rubbers, seals, rust,
2. Too expensive
When You drive it then You'll lose half Your money instantly.
It is better to buy a MAINTAINED normal mileage car.

For $158,500 I'd build myself a V10 E30 M3 ala Piper Motorsport project car.
Now THAT will be scary.
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