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Okay folks, I am not sure what's going on with my car. Three months ago I suddenly started hearing a somewhat loud click, clack noise along with a vibration comming from the drive train. Upon inspection at the mechanic shot the guibo was severely cracked in multiple places to where the threads were visible. The guibo was replaced under after market warranty and the noise was gone, but there was still a slight vibration present, but can be hardly felt only when slowly taking off from a dead stop. I really thought nothing of it because this vibration was there before. So I figured that is just how these cars are built.

Fast foward to three days ago and the same symptoms returned, but I was unable to duplicate it at the shop. The indy told me that my CSB is likely shot and will need replacement, but to keep in mind that I might need a new drive shaft. I feel to a certain extent I am being mislead because if this issue was present initially, why did the noise go away after to return three months later.

Also, if the CSB was an issue is it not visible when the bad guibo was removed prompting a replacement? Now the symptoms are back again and I am headed to the shop. I have read multiple threads relating to this issue and my understanding is the CSB usually causes a weeee, weeee high frequency noise not a loud click, clack noise like a card caught in a bicycle spoke. Will a bad driveshaft cause this loud noise? Is the driveshaft susceptible to failure after certain miles. My beast is at 127k miles right now and I sure as heck don't dog it. It's my daily driver. Those with knowledged of the E39 M5 drivetrain please chime in so I can be armed with good info. when at the shop. Thanks all in advance.

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