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Hey all, my name is Derek and I will be moving to Sunnyvale in a couple of weeks. I have lived in the Seattle area all my life except for 2011-13 in Michigan for grad school. It is there that I met my girlfriend, and she is why I'm moving to the Bay Area, along with a good job opportunity. Will miss home but excited to start a new life in such a beautiful, fun place.

Although I will be new to the area (have visited a few times though), it will be a homecoming for my Silverstone '01 M5. It had 4 owners in the Bay Area and each took very good care of it until 2009 when I bought it. I found the car on this board (previous two owners were members), had it inspected and some work done at Edge Motorworks in Dublin, CA (great shop), bought a one-way ticket to Oakland, signed the papers in the airport parking lot and drove it through wine country to Seattle with my dad. What a memorable experience! It now has 89k and runs and looks better than that day, and I'll be packing all my belongings into it and my '02 S2000 and driving them down, again with my dad, in a couple of weeks. Excited to have more nice weather, go to some trackdays with my S2k, and meet some of you!

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