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Hello folks,

I'm E39 525 M54 AT RHD owner from Indonesia, it's a bit late or outdated, I've just successfully upgraded my ECU firmware version from 430066 to 430069, thanks to team. Here are the details:

Initial Condition
Vanilla firmware 430066 without any additional hardware and software mods.

Current Condition
430069 firmware from

I use E46 MS430069 EU4 RHD variant. E39 and E46 variant are interchangeable as long as it has the same tranny and engine (E39 M54B25 and E46 M54B25).

I felt a bit anxious before upgrading, so I use text diffs software to check whether no value differences that I was not aware of. I exported 66 bin Full read, then use Tuner Pro w/ 66 xdf and export it as text files, did the same with firmware from

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if anyone use this information and damage their cars/ecu.

  1. Make sure you have working MS4xx Dev Team Flasher Tools from and all other cables setup. Turn ignition key to on
  2. Prepare 66 firmware backup by doing full read using MS4xx Dev Team Flasher tools
  3. Flash without bootmode the Full 69 firmware (512KB) from without any modification whatsoever, don't worry about UIF data and any bootloader writable data, since I flashed it without bootmode.
  4. Turn ignition key off for 10-15 seconds
  5. Start the car. It should be started without hassle.

Patched Applied
After successfully upgrade ecu, I backup my working 69 bin by doing Full Read. Then use Tuner Pro to apply the patches:
  • Knock MIL Indicator for Hard Knock Only
  • DS2 Logging

Mods Applied
  • eThermostat tables, all 102 values changed to 98 (ac off) and 96 (ac on).
  • Nominal idle engine speed for coolant temp above 50 deg C changed from < 700RPM to 750RPM, values from my 66 bin.
  • Gear Recognition tables. I'm not sure what it is. I try to solve juddering problem when push accelerator pedal lightly at 1300-1900 RPM and 35-45Km/h. Feels like the tranny confuse whether to downshifting or not from 3rd gear to 2nd gear.

My A*s Sensor Reading
Car run smoother on idle or on over run cruising.

Driver Wish Correction mod. I want to feel the beast inside M54B25 without turning of ac, asc, and sports mode.

Credits to all team and other M54 enthusiast out there where I learned from. Especially to Kim F (RIP), the one who created Chipster Flasher (early version of MS4xx flasher)
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