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BreakerBacker said:
Anybody have an idea as to why the passenger rearview mirror auto dip feature is working intermittently? Sometimes it will dip when I put in reverse, sometimes it doesnt. If it does dip it wont usually recover to the regular position on its own. I know the switch needs to be in the proper position for the function to work. Is there a connection in the door that may be loose? Possibly the contact for reverse is dirty and just need to be cleaned. Where is this at anyway?

Thanks, Greg.
Hi Greg -

A couple of things to try

1 The reverse light switch on the gearbox - these can go u/s - on the six speed box , I think it is the lower of the two switches that points downward - next time the mirror plays up, leave the car in reverse, switch off the engine and turn ignition on , and check the lights are on, if not , it's probably the switch.

2 The memory potentiometers or wiring in the mirror are/is faulty. Remove the mirrors from the car & swap over left to right - have someone hold the mirrors as they won't mount on the opposing door, and check for correct operation. I have had this problem on a few E34's with memory mirrors, and have had to replace the mirror mechanisms.
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