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I am one of the people that bought my beast there. My experience was pretty smooth. There was a little miscommunication about my warranty that could have been a little slimey or just a bit of miscommunication. The things I can tell you is they had more cars than anyone else in the area, the deal I got was fantastic and the cars I had checked out by a mechanic I trust a great deal all came out completely clean. My car was still under warranty and there were no problems with warranty for me. Obviously one person's experience doesn't make or break anything about the dealership. There are tons of stories floating out there about LM, where they got their original money, how their sales pracitces work, etc. I'm sure there's some truth to some of them, I'm sure it's not half as bad as the worst of the stories. Ultimately it comes down to everything else in life for me, use common sense, protect yourself, keep records, check the cars out before you buy them, etc. They sold a ton of cars last year, the vast majority of the transactions went off without a hitch. I was fortunate to be in that category.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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