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tannad said:
Agree. I think that most enthusiasts are very discriminating when purchasing a car. LM does have an incredible inventory. There are deals to be had.

I think that anyone intends on purchasing a car there should really look over the car, have a PPI conducted at another dealer, and have all promises written down on the "we owe" tickets.
I have purchased 2 vehicles from LM...and from my personal experience LM never takes care of the "we owe" tickets. When I purchased my '01 330 convertible from them they "owed me" a CD changer...I got the CD changer but they didn't have the mounting bracket so they said they'd call me when it arrived...I waited 4 weeks with frequent calls to the dealership...I kept getting the run around. I've spoken to a sales rep at ...many of the salesmen have worked at LM...they all said that LM never intends to make good on we owe tickets...hmmm...sour grapes on their part? I doubt it.

When I purchased my beast there I got a good deal and a fine automobile that checked out to the T (I had it inspected prior to purchase). My convertible is also a great car so as they say buyer your homework and you can get a fantastic deal at LM. I'd buy from them again but I now insist that all things be delivered prior to me handing over any money...they move pretty fast in that arrangement.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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