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Hello Folks! I'm new here. I've been wanting to get an M5 for a while now, and am finally starting to do some research. This will be my first foreign car (I'm stateside).

Now, the only way I can see myself buying an M5 is with cash. I can't justify financing a vehicle this expensive only to owe more on the car than the car is worth within 6mos.

So I've been doing some looking at used M5's, and came across something I hadn't considered before. Insurance claims.

I found a 2002 M5, (Manual, 5.0L) with ~30k for mileage for $16,900. But it was totalled. Damage to the passenger side doors and rear quarterpanel.

Has anyone had any luck fixing up a totaled M5? My girlfriends dad has an auto-body shop with a frame-rack for straightening totalled frames, and buys a lot of wrecked cars and fixes them.

What kind of cost am I looking at, worst case scenario, given that the engine is still good?
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