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Installed these yesterday so I decided to make this write up for anyone interesting in buying a set. This is the method that worked for me. You may do it differently, but this will give you the general idea of how things go in/out.

Tools needed:
Flathead + Phillips Head screwdriver
Pry bar (I used an 18”)
13mm socket
13mm wrench
Punch/Chisel + Hammer or Socket + Vise
Dremel or angle grinder with cutoff wheel
Transmission jack or similar

1. Remove the shifter knob by pulling up and remove the shifter boot

2. Remove the foam and rubber insulation
Install: lubricate the inside of the rubber with silicone spray or anal lube to slide it onto the shifter easily

3. Turn the shifter cup clockwise to release the shifter lever
Replace this if it looks old and brittle

4. Once released, it should look like this

5. From underneath, remove the retaining clip. Pull it out and slide it back and remove the selector rod. Be careful not to drop any washers.

6. Now you gotta remove the pin that goes through the carrier

6a. Put a pry bar right under the clip and pry against the top of giubo. Use two hands, one to pry and the other to make sure the tip of the bar stays on the clip

7. Time to tilt the transmission. Use some kind of jack to hold the tranny while you remove the bolts holding it up. Six 13mm’s on the cross brace and two 13mm’s on the exhaust bracket

8. Now push the carrier up and forward then move it over towards the driver’s side and slide it out of the rear bushing. Make sure the carrier is clear of the shifter hole by rotating it.

9. Remove the old rubber bushings. You can use a socket and a vise or a punch and a hammer. Once you push out the bushing as far as it goes, cut it with a dremel or angle grinder. Then remove it.

10. Clean the inside

11. Install the nuggets. Female part in first on the inside, then the male part from the outside till both sides are flush

12. Grease the bushings on the outsides and use a cotton swab to grease the insides. This will make install easier

Now install everything in reverse order. Using a nut and bolt through the bushings was much, much easier than reusing the original pin you removed, literally took 5 seconds to put the bolt through. The size you want is M10x1.5 x 75mm and an M10 nut.

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Great writeup, Thank you for posting the pictures. Is it possible to replace the rear mounting bushing with this approach as well?
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