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Installed Powerflex bushings

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After noticing some wiggling I got the Powerflex bushings. Certainly an improvement. The steering feels more connected. Good upgrade.
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FWIW, Powerflex are very popular with the M3 crowd for replacing the Rear Trailing Arm Bushings. RTABs in e46 M3s are a weak point, so a lot of people go to Powerflex when theirs fail, or sometimes even before they fail. Not many complaints about noise or harshness so long as you lube them very, very well with copper type anti-seize. On the other hand, a lot of M3 owners will put up with quite a bit more noise and harshness than most of us would. Same benefits, though, of far more precise steering and more predictable and crisper turn-in.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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