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Installed Magnaflows 14816

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The install went OK. The muffler shop didnt line up the cans properly, and one of them is slightly sideways, but I figured i would fix it when i install an X-pipe. Other than an awesome sound, i didnt notice any change in performance, except i can now break my rear wheesl free when i punch it in 2nd going at 35-40 mph without slipping the clutch. I have never been able to do this before. The only way i could spin the wheels prior to the maganflows was either while shifting from 1st to 2nd, or if cruising in 2nd, i would punch the gas and slip the clutch. The car dosent feel any faster, and i dont believe the cans add any horsepower or torque. Anyone else have a similar experience after replacing their mufflers. The rest of my exhaust is stock.


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Well I got my 14816's installed, but it was spot on. Lou's Custom Exhaust in Worcester did the work and they were nothing short of perfectionists. I am very happy with the sound. I now routinely blip the throttle just before take off, because the Magnaflow's have a nice quick grunt when I do that.

Also, my clutch has about 6k miles on it, so I can't comment on your slippage.
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