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As my 2001 is out of warranty I decided to use an Independant Specialist for the Oil Service.

Took the car in today and they went over it with a fine tooth comb.

They noticed that the SES light was on (and has been about 5 minutes after the dealer replaced an O2 sensor a couple of months back) anyway the pulled the codes and retrieved 4 errors :-
1) Pre Cat O2 Sensor
2) O2 Bank 1 Control function
3) O2 Bank 2 Control function
4) Error occurring with empty fuel tank ????

Anyway they believe faults 2 and 3 are there because of fault 1.

Fault 4 they had no idea ( I think it was because a couple of weeks back the dash computer decided I had zero miles left even though I knew there was at least 30 miles of fuel left).

What amazed me though was that they cancelled the faults and the SES light has stayed off. Yet the dealer wasn't able to get the light to stay off when I last visited them saying that it wasn't the O2 sensor but the dreaded Vanos.

So for the price of an oil service, £120.73, they've also got rid of that dammed yellow light at no charge....:biggrin:

Hats off and thanks to my Independant BMW Specialists :thumbsup:
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