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Importing to the US directly from germany ?

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I was wondering if it is possible to import an M5 directly from a German dealer to avoid MSRP markup and long waiting lists. I've heard that there are a few stats that need to be met that fit the US laws (emissions etc.).

Could someone help me out here?
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So...that includes:

Emission controls certified to US 50-state spec by BMW including OBD-II electronics and sensors?

DOT-spec lighting (US lighting laws used to be 50 years behind the state of the art, now they're only 20)

DOT-spec glass?

MPH speedometer, other controls labeled per US law?

Unless you can get a statement from BMW that the vehicle conforms to all US DOT and EPA requirements as it sits, you will probably have to get a Registered Importer into the act to certify the conversion, even if it only means changing out some lights and the speedometer.

The trunklids on US E39s are different from Euro E39s (license-plate relief size) and I'm sure this affects M5s too.
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