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Import Euro M5 to USA

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Any suggestions on implications of this (other than $$$)? Legal issues? Modifications needed? Dealer service?

15th on the waiting list at my dealer (BMW of the Main Line in PA) and have no confidence that they'll get an allocation of M5's anywhere near that.

Thanks for any advice.
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There will be a cost to federalize the car- probably in the $15K range and then you will only have the worldwide factory warranty (1 year from the original sale date). IMHO- its not worth it; but it is possible.
It seems to me the easiest way to get intoa car in the US, is to either purchase a used car in a year or so, or buy someone spots on an existing list.

Importing a car from Europe is asking for a lot of trouble and a lot of money IMO.
It really is possible, and there are some car dealers here that have the new m5 in stock.

Check : and then "Voorraad Auto's", they've got 2 m5's you can buy directly
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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