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Imola red with Bruyee wood?

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Sorry about another color question, but I my build date is comming fast.

Has anyone seen the Imola red sportive int. with the Bruyee wood option?

If not would, would anyone care to speculate on the combination based on the two seperately?

Is the Bruyee too orange?

Thanks for any info.

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i own a brand new carbon black with imola red interior... i had the buryee wood option instead of the "plastic" looking sportive interior. initially i wanted the sportive, but when i actually saw it, it looked kinda cheap !! for the kind of $$ i was spending i wanted the car to look real.... the imola and the buryee look great together... the car has 1500 miles on it and it is a monster !!! awesome !! the price for oil sucks though....good luck..
I saw your particular combination on a car here in Aus in about August - IMHO it was gross! The Bruyere is a very yellow/orange color against the dark leather and then the red exterior... well, let's just say I was very pleased with my Titanium strips!!

I thought seriously about the red before I bought Avus Blue - red is sensational and the red / black seats with the silver trim looks horny... The wood wears better though, so its a tough choice!!

Andrew E
'99 E39 M5 (July in Aus!!)
Hi everyone. I just took delivery last week on an Imola red w/ black full leather & bruyere club wood int. In my opinion, the combination looks fantastic and has been getting rave reviews from all who have seen it. I've seen the aluminum's definitely sporty, but the wood makes the interior appear warmer and more appealing.

I personally think the club wood is a bit too much on the orange side and hence I got the walnut.
Do you have any pictures of the Imolas red you could post?
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