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Calling all UAE members,

I'm studying at Zayed University for two weeks this Jan, most likely 5-19, and I thought I give a heads up.
I'm just starting to learn all the customs I'll need to know, but I think I'll be fine.

I'm coming to do an overview of almost all of the aspects of the UAE and the Gulf that we can fit into two weeks, ie. modern communications, religion, women is modern Islam, architecture, tourism, and ect.

I am also going to take trips to the empty quarter, and the near by old peraling areas. I'm realling looking forward to this trip, this will be my first time in the Gulf.

For some backgroud, I am a religion and math major (don't ask I know its a tad random), and I'm excited about finially getting to visit this area. The professor from my school had lived in Abu Dhabi for a few years so hopefully he will make sure I un-learn some of my American ways.

I hear its considered insulting to point the soles of one's shoes at someone, as in the American custom of crossing one's legs. So if any UAE members want to give suggestions I'm all ears!!

Who knows, maybe I'll even see a couple of fellow m5boarders.


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