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Ice link Plus DPS or not DSP

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I juste wanted to post a new thread on the Ice link Plus for Ipods to help out those who haven't found yet. And as this was not clear up to now her is my experience.

There are a few subtilities for the Ice link Plus

M5 without DSP : Easy normal ice link adapter

M5 with DSP : here is the catch, in 2002 your car can have two types of connections to the CD Changer. 1 Analogic = two connectors; 3 pin and 6 pin
2. Digital = two connectors; 3 pin and a coax cable

If you have DSP but option 1 (analogic) then you need the normal adaptor
If you have DSP but option 2 (digital) then you need a Digital convertor

If you try plug directly into the DSP coax with the converter (as I did) and you have a analogic connection to CD changer it will never work. You can reset all you want it won't work. All cd BMW cd changers have the 3 inputs but will use alternativly the two above options.

Hope this helps. I cracked my skull for hours trying to solve. ouich If this can save time for people

Heres the link on Dension

Here is how to get text on Screens