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I need some Advice!!

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Alright, I have been thinking about this for sometime, but I might be crazy! I sold my e36 M3 recently and got a decent amount for it. I have been considering selling my E39 M5 and with the combined amount of money I would have very substancial amount money to put down on a new car. So what would I buy for a new car, well I can't afford a new 2008 M5, but I would be able to finance a new E92 M3 and it would be affordable, and I would have a nice 4 year warrenty to go along with it. I have not driven the new one yet, so I am going to do that. Can you guys give me of your thoughts on this, right now its just a thought, I guess to me it would seem a bit more practical, but who knows. Please advise. Thanks guys.
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Well, I love my E39 as anyone would. However I am young, and though I have money set aside for repairs and such, it would be nice to have to not worry about such things. I would have around 48k to put down on a new car. I have in no way made up my mind on the issue, its just a thought, I have not driven the new M3 yet either, but if I got rid of my M5 it either another M5 or M3, but an E60 is still to much money for likes of me.

Are you having repair issues with the M5? A new car is no guarantee of a repair free car, although most will be covered by the warranty. There were a fair amount of issues with the early E60's for example (this is not to say there will be any issues with the M3).

Is it the desire to drive the new M3? Candidly, it doesn't sound like it. Sounds like more of an itch for something new. That's ok, just helps put in perspective how to help you!:cheers:

Best advice was drive the new M3 before you do anything else. And I may catch some flak, but I say drive the 335i also. It is about 100 horsepower and about $15k apart. For about $2k, you can take the 335 to 380 hp, a 35 hp shortfall. Now I am NOT saying the 335 is an M car, but drive both. I think you will like the torque of the 335i after driving the E39. And since you are at the dealership, the salesman will be glad to oblige you!!

Report back and let us know your driving impressions.cherrsagai
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