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I liked this new format at first, but....

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As the threads have filled out it's getting annoying that there is only one level of replies. That is, all of the replies and replies to replies are all in one long stream instead of having a multi-layer reply hiearchy.

Also, there's doesn't appear to be a way to tell if there are new messages in a thread when you check back. You have to open each one up and scroll down to the bottom to see if anything new was added (or start taking notes to compare the number of replies in a thread to your last visit)

Am I missing something? Feel free to show how I'm a moron if there is another way to view these messages that would address these issues.

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Doh... I'm not used to these multiple message areas yet. I realize my post should have gone in the "feedback about the new board" area.

Any way to move a message after it's been posted?

I agree, I can't tell which posts I've read and which are new. Someone please enlighten us.
OK, enlightment;

First thew times om the board are in GMT + 1 time (that is Swedish local time)

Second, you see directly on the startpage of the Messageboard where the newest time and date reflects the latest posted subject.

When you click there, the posts within a forum is sorted automatically at the top if it got the latest post or reply in it. See?

Then, on the lowest hierchy, when you click on the folder, the everything is sorted with the first post at top and last post in the bottom of the page.

Also, with the full version you have cookies that are set whenever you visit the page so you can easily see new subjects.

Also Email notification of replies to topics could do the same.

Have a look at full featured board here;

or here

I have to agree - a single thread with multiple responses is hard to watch, especially when the latest post is at the bottom.

Would be great if:

1) The default (or cookie-based mechanism) collapsed old posts of a thread to one line - clicking it would expand that message.

2) Replies to replies received a new folder, in line with the original post

3) Most recent replies to the original (parent) were displayed 1st, not last.

Suggestions only, meant constructively.....
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Yeah, it's fine except when the threads start getting long (10+ replies) and the messages start to branch into new topics with other threads of replies to the replies.

FYI, I didn't notice, until you pointed it out, that the topics re-order themselves based on last-post date, keeping active threads on the top of the list indefinitly. You don't have to worry about scrolling down the list to see if anyone added something to an old thread.

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Re: ECF and AS went down during ECFEST... limp mode [PICS]

Great video. I especially like the beginning where you cut off the music so we can hear the "sound of music" as yoi all bolted up the onramp.

Sorry wrong post somehow. Cannot delete it.
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