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I hate lazy people

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Yea so I get a flat in the M5 a week or two ago when it was really nice out...real slow leak at first. Excuse for me to go to the dealer and get some other **** done I've been trying to do...small random **** that's been bugging me.

So the dealer tells me its a flat. I originally had a small leak which turned into a much larger one, figured it was the TPS seal or maybe something they could plug it for me. Turns out it's a hole near the sidewall and they don't think they should patch it so I order new tires, which were needed anyways - reasonable enough. I drive with the new tires and the now-fast leaking flat tire to Good Year in EA, figuring they'll be smart enough to put two tires on.

I dealt with a guy who had a VW tattoo. He looked at his boy when they walked in the shop, some kid working there, like can we even do 19s here. I stopped him and said if it was an issue and he didn't feel confident doing the work I would just limp it somewhere else. NO NO NO, we can do it. I asked the manager then if he felt confident his guy/machine could do it because after all the OEM wheels on the car are quite expensive and while "I don't mean to be a dick by any means, but it would save us all a headache". No problem man. They tell me the wheel is cracked "by the flange" whatever the **** that means...

I go in...I ask to see it and he said he already mounted it back on the car and he suggested towing it back. I told him I already ordered a wheel (which was true) and I'd ruin it, then whatever. I drive back on my run-flat, very slow. Car has been sitting for a week at most in my garage. Go to take it off today and it's WELL rusted to the hub...can't see anything physically wrong with the wheel either after I took it off. Looks to me like it never came off in the first place.

Needless to say, I am fairly confident I ordered a new OEM wheel and waited a week for nothing. I am pissed. What would you do?

Obviously i'm going to take both the new wheel and the old wheel to a good shop and get it mounted up proper now that I can drive the wheels in my truck...I'm just pissed and really feel like *****ing at the Good Year staff for being incompetent. I've been out of a car for a week, and had to order a OEM wheel which may not have been needed. Of course, I want to confirm that it wasn't cracked first. Of course you get idiots too when you go to Good Year I guess, but I limped on the run-flats and went extra's super close to my house which is why I hoped they could put a damn tire on.