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Yesterday I had a go in a new 2006 model Range Rover Vogue and could not help noticing how much of the switch gear, controls, knobs etc were made up of BMW bits.

It had a screen built in similar to that in the E60 but it was touch sensitive and you controlled sat nav, phone, audio, logic 7,auxiallary heating, 4wd stuff etc all from the screen.

It was SO EASY and SIMPLE and QUICK to use......... eveything I Drive isn't.

I wonder why BMW do not offer a touch sensitive screen in the E60 ???
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I think its because Ford bought Range Rover and they did some changes to it. My dad has a 2006 Range Rover and I loved it. its so different to the 2003 Range in motor, functions, facelift, and even includes a camera to carry. The touch screen is very easy to use, and I love the I-drive because I love technology and has advanced functions for me to customize. It took me a couple of hours to get used to it
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I prefer IDrive/Extended Voice control to the touchscreen. When I test drove one it seemed fine stationary but driving along you really have to take your eyes off the road to make sure you touch the right bit.

For me, the IDrive/Extended Voice Contol Combo is really very good, Voice Control to a menu and then select with the IDrive Wheel.
Thanks for the info. I'm glad the system in Rangies is that good. AFAIK, the 05+ Rangeies don't use the exact BMW switchgear like the 02-04 did. They use the new Jaguar stuff + Jaguar engines.

I dont have much of a problem with either setup. Both have their pros and cons. I think my one issue with the touch screen is its hard to get any tactile feedback and you end up with finger prints on the screen.

I think the iDrive has gone through some substantial revisions and I think in the end those of us, like me, who have had a hard time with it, are really just carping over having to change. I'd still like a few more buttons, but its getting there.
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