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i cant get into my car - help pls!

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ive been abroad for 2 months longer than expected which means the beast hasnt been driven since mid november - a total sin i know but i had a serious car accident while away so i had no choice.

anyway im back now and the car is totally dead. no response from the main key (havent tried the spares yet, didnt have them on me at the time), theres no interior alarm light flashing (im assuming the battery is flat), and the most puzzling thing is that i cant unlock the doors manually with the key in the door locks??!!

i was expecting the battery to be flat but now im in a situation where i cant even get in and jump start it. ive called a breakdown service to come out and help but thats not until this friday (im away again for a few days). problem is i cant see what they can do if they cant get into the car. i know the key charges while its in the ignition, but even if the battery is flat in the key aswell, surely it should still work in the doors manually??

im totally at a loss on this one. the breakdown guys just said they will look at it when they see the car and take it from there. i was hoping to get some advice from the board please ....

thank you!!


p.s ive also spoken to bmw emergency breakdown service and they said the same thing "will look at it when we see the car"
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