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I am now the proud owner of an Alpina!

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I´ve had it for a little over a month, its an Arcticsilber B3 coupe 3.0. I came in here seeking advice on it ,some time ago( which I didnt quite follow:hihi: ). And i have to say its a wonderful car, i feel like i finally stepped up to a real performace car, and after a long line of Gti´s and a few lesser BMW´s(among others), it feels great.

The car drives really well ,it has a few issues, but nothing major (guess ill post some questions about these probs later) It hasnt used any oil or water in the 2000kms ive driven it, and it did an indicated 265km/H on the way home from Germany without problems, so i guess its pretty sound.

I really like the ride/handling compromise. ..not too harsh,not too wallowy eventhough it can occasionally "bottom out" in the hills close to were i live. Being almost a RWD novice(at least with that kind of bhp) ive found it to be very friendly on the limit at low to medium speed corners, and in the wet you can kick the tail out and hold nice slides pretty easy.High speed stability could be better,but not a problem at all. The steering could be a bit sharper,and have a bit more feel,but its really nicely weighted. All in all i think its brilliant for a 12 year old car, and im really pleased with it. By far the best car i have owned.

Its also fun to talk to people at gasstations etc.,not many know about Alpina here ,(it may have something to do with our 180% :crying:tax on cars ) but alot of people seems very interested and want to chat.

Ok that concludes my little review of the B3,hope you enjoyed it. Ive attached a few photos, more will follow.

Finally I have a quick quetion: Me and my brother are taking the car on a trip to Germany(the ´Ring ) and Switzerland and were leaving tommorrow. I would like to have the car checked over and serviced,while im in Germany and preferably not by a stealer.

Could anyone point me to a good independant garage in the Nurburgring area? If not i guess im taking it to BMW B&K in Köln W. Thanks in advance , hoping for a swift reply as were a bit short on time:) !

ps. if anoyone is at the Ring from the 22-28 june it would be fun to meet up and say hi!



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Welcome to the joys of owning an Alpina, I have had my B10-V8 for just over a year and still have a grin on my face every time I drive it.
Shame you are not in Germany the following weekend 1st to 3rd July
as there is a huge gathering of Alpina's in Buchloe to celebrate the 40th birthday of ALPINA.

Hope you enjoy the "Ring" it's fantastic,watch out for the "Ring" Taxi driver
Think i will take my B8 to the ring on sunday the 26 th....

But I first would like to give you congrats for your new Alpina-as you said it ist a wonderfully balanced car with a lot of power....

The high-speed stability will be better with some new rubber bushings in front and rear, some new tires, a correct axle-alignment and in fact a set of new sway bars from Eibach.....
Thanks for the welcome ,guys

I am aware of the 40th birthday of Alpina, and maybe ill make it, it would be great, but well see. Yes the Ring is a great place, its only my 2nd time im going.
I was there last year in my Golf 2 Gti 16v, which i duly "crashed" on the first lap ,at Adenau Forst. One rim detroyed and a damaged abs ring ,pretty tough little car. But the next day we were back in a hired car, and it was all good fun from that point. Im looking forward to seeing the Ring-Taxis, hopefully catching a ride in one( yeah right).

Alpinab846 :ill keep an eye out for a black B8 Limo the 26th then, hope to see you there. Im planning to have at least the suspension bushings renewed,and done an alignment while im there, but i could still use a tip on where to get it done..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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