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How to See What the Next Service Is?

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Hello guys,

My car has the following services documented in the service book:

Oil service: 23,300 km / 14,500 mi
Inspection I: 48,100 km / 30,000 mi
Oil service: 66,700 km / 41,500 mi
Inspection II: 75,300 km / 46,700 mi
Oil service: 92,400 km / 57,400 mi
Inspection I: 109,000 km / 67,700 mi
Oil service: 130,000 km / 80,800 mi

I made the last oil service myself with two greens still on the indicator and reset the indicator using the Peake tool. I am now considering if it is possible that the indicator was for the next Inspection II and not just for the oil service and I reset it incorrectly, which would skip the next Inspection II service.

Do you think the indicator was for oil service only?

Is it possible to see what the next service is before the indicator goes to yellow? I want to be sure that the next service it will show is Inspection II.

Thanks a lot.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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