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I've searched for a long time about this issue and haven't found any posts about it. My 2003 M5 shift knob (stock) had a very annoying and rather loud click when moving it side to side, and there was a tiny amount of play noticeable as well. It only produced this clicking noise when holding it normally - if you held it by the shaft near the bottom and moved it, it wouldn't click.

The solution is very simple: pull off the shifter boot by just prying it up from the sides of the leather base, and pull it up just enough to expose the plastic part that sits above the indent on the shaft. Put a zip tie around it just below the plastic part, making sure to go under the wire and have the head of the zip tie just in front of one of the seams on the leather so that it isn't visible as a bump under the leather. Tighten the zip tie as much as possible without ripping it. This should put upward pressure on the plastic part.

This should put enough tension or pressure on the plastic knob that attaches to the metal shifter shaft to stop 90% of the free play and should completely eliminate the clicking noise, at least it did for me. See attached photo below.

I did try putting the zip tie around the plastic part instead of beneath it but that did not help at all - you would need much more force to clamp it that way.

This is the free easy lazy way to fix it instead of getting a new shift knob. Hope it helps someone.


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