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How to access coax/18-pin connector in the rear seat vent/console area?

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Hello fellow E60 drivers,
I'm in the process of trying to install the E60 antenna/cell phone snap-in crade retro kit into the center console as per Bimmernav instructions. These are, for the most part, straight forward.

One missing link that I'm finding non-intuitive is how to remove the rear seat heating vent/cig lighter piece in order to access and attach the coax and 18-pin connector for the adapter that I've threaded through.

The pictures from the link above show what the wires look like once the facade is off, but not how to get the crucial cosmetic work pried away from the console without breaking anything!

Anyone have any clue how this should be done? I've investigated for screws/etc. but there's nothing that screams "unscrew me". The finished product is smooth and seamless, so perhaps it snaps in? I would hate to destroy something through trial and error, and so am reaching out to those in the know.

Thank you all,
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