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OK so thsi was very very stupid. So I joined some of my friends for dinner last week and had just one drink with them and left when they were leaving. well this one friend sees my car and just hassles the hell out of me to let him drive it just a few blocks, so after contenplating I say heck why not he has been driving sticks for years an dI trust him.
BAD IDEA:grrrr:

He gets in teh cra starts it up and revs it to about 5k and starts very slowly letting go of the clutch, the car must have been going maybe 5-10mph while the revs were still up at 5k. I very fast tell him to stop and give him all hell.

How much damage was done to my clutch?

Now when I drive it I feel like the clutch does not grab as early as it used to before this idiot drove my car. doe sthat have anything to do with what happened?

Thnaks for your help and sorry for the rant.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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