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How about paint quality?

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This M5 will be my first BMW vehicule and I would like to ask others with BMW ownership experience if the paint quality on these car is good, adequate or above the average as far as wear, scratch resitance, shine and so on. The reason I ask is because I had my 2 other vehicule buffed, polished and waxed last week and I have ask the question to the pro doing it if he though BMW had good paint and he was not very positive about it, anyone can comment?

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I have had Jeeps, Toyotas, BMWs and Lexus - all with clear coat. The BMW water-based paint is the softest paint I have experienced. Clearcoat does not help. It is a good paint, but it scratches very easily. Swirl marks are common. Stones seem to take more of a toll on the finish. You can't wipe off bird excrement with a damp paper towel without scratching the paint. The paint, when taken care of, is superb otherwise, and can outshine most other paints.
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