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Guys, I got the okay from Gustav to post this, a similar thread was posted in the For Sale Forum but I decided to post it here.

I am offering, for you poor saps with the SES on, the opportunity to get code(s) read + cleared and recleared. The benefit goes to you to do your repair at your leisure, and to have the SES cleared one last time or more if necessary. I won't even bother outlining any grace periods, as I am aware that ordering thermostats (from online sources such as Tischer) may take two weeks plus however long it takes for you to find the time to install it. I offer to keep reclearing the same code until you are able to resolve your problem.

I also have the ability to reflash your LCM to not do bulb checks if you wanted to do HID foglights. Other services may include, but is not limited to programming HID headlight retrofits for E46s, doing VANOS tests, checking all sensors, and if you are so inclined, I'll let you mess around with GT1 if you want to run your own procedure at your own risk. I also have 20-pin capability.

I will read codes and clear them out as explained above for $25 (dealer wanted $140, screw them)
I will reprogram LCM for HID foglights for $25 (I have a legitimate license for NavCoder, Jochen is a great guy)
I will run VANOS tests and whatever diagnostics GT1 offers for $25
I will program HID retrofits for $25 (I paid an indy $120 last year to improperly do my sister's E46 M3 ... I corrected it myself months later)
I will reset airbag lights for $25 (I paid Advantage BMW $80 to clear mine when I first bought my M5)
I will allow you to use my GT1 while I watch for $25
Watching me browse M5Board on my laptop $beer

If you are stranded and I need to do a housecall to run DIS, PM me and hope it's not too far from where I am. Just know I have a dayjob so please don't be angry if I am unable to reset a code on a Monday morning.

I'm not trying to undercut the indys, I simply want to provide an alternative to frugal and confident do-it-yourselfers. I live out of Pearland but I am in Sugar Land, sometimes the Heights, and areas of North Houston often. I will bring my equipment with me to the next Houston area meet.
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