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It is with great pleasure and excitement :happyanim: that I announce our first "official" Houston M Club track event at TWS. The format for this event will be the same as our previous events. We'll have 3 run groups consisting of beginner/novice, intermediate, and advance/instructor. This will be a full day event so plan accordingly. Each group will get (4) 30 minute sessions with a 1 hour mid-day break. This promises to be a great event so don't wait until the last minute. Instructors will be limited to 1 student so when our instructor pool is full the beginner/novice group will be closed......."Let's Ride".................Phil

When-----> August 17th
Where----> Texas World Speedway (TWS)
Time------> 10am-5pm
Direction---> CCW

Cost-----> $195

Registration is officially open---->

Beginner/Novice group is full as of 7/11. Stand by list has started.

1. Phil
2. Richard *
3. James *
4. Vaughn
5. Todd
6. Alex*
7. Tai*
8. Andrea*
9. Chad
10. Corey
11. Jeremy
12. Daniel T.
13. Mike M.
14. Ben S.
15. Robert
16. Mike H
17. Alex C
18. Steven
19. Jim
20. Brian W.
21. Will
22. Scott
23. Hayden
24. Chris
25. Mark
26. Ben H.
27. Uche
28. Jean P.
29. Omar
30. Marcus
31. Greg
32. Lawson
33. Guhan
34. Richard F.
35. Tony V.

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Add me to the list please....I just hope I'm in town for this.

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