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Horn Fuse

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Okay, I know there have been many posts on here about people have trouble with their horns getting stuck on. I have done the search. I was told that the wheel would be easy to take apart and I would be able to shake it and the loose piece could fall out so it would stop jamming the horn down. I looked at it and I don't feel that I can do it, so which fuse controls the horn and where is it. I need to remove it until I can get it fixed, because its so annoying that I can't even drive it anymore. I looked in the trunk at the fuses and have no idea which one, or maybe its in the front under the steering wheel, I am not sure. Please help. Thanks. So far its my only problem, and I have been an owner since July 07.
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The fuses you want are in the glove box - open it up, and they are in a row at the top.

The horn is controlled by fuses 3 and 38 - pull one or both, and the horn won't work.

I had this happen to me, and it is very annoying. Plus, the dealer just put the fuse back in, and said all was fine. It has not happened since, so it may be that pulling the fuses, then putting them back in, may "fix" it.

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