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Hit and run!

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hi there,

so this happend to me on 15 march 2011 at 19.15 in Holland.
i decided to take a ride throug town.
As I stopt for a traffic light. The light jumped to green so i wanted to put my foot down.....BANG!!!
The car launched forward. I was like: Damn there goes my SMG, clutch or smg pump.....release barring.
Then again maybe someone hit me, so I stepped out of the car looked at the driver behind me.
He had that stupid look like: I dont konw why you look at me but i didnt do anything wrong.
Asked him to step out of the car...and then it took 5 sec before admitting that he bumped into my car.
He hit my car with a:
VW Polo 1.4 TDI, 69hp/51kw, 0 to 100km/h 14.6 sec, weight 1064 kg.

I had some scraches on my rear bumper. So I said: lets get off the main road to exchange information.
He agreed, i turned right and stoped,look back to see where he was.
HE TOOK OFF! I mean he was flying...Road runner style...MIP MIP mmmmmmiiaaaaau!

Million things went through my mind:
1. I have no name, no plate number
2. How was I to explain to my family and friends that someone got away? I have a M5!
3. Damn it!someone just screw me over.

So i put the car in reverse, made an U-turn, accidentally hit the gear lever 2 times (all the adrinaline and panic).
Without knowing I was in manual mode. So i floored it.... right into the rev limmiter in 1st gear.

In the distance,I see the Polo taking a left turn at the end of the street...the following actions took place in 2 sec:
I was in HOT PERSUIT..while hitting the limmiter in manual mode...while weaving throug traffic...
While all traffic lights on red.....trying not to hit any pedestrian, cars, bycicles...putting the gearbox in D-mode.
WTF!!! I see him taking another left turn as I turned left.

So i put the paddle to the metal...breaking hard befor taking the left turn...
No luck....again the dude was at the end of the street

(For a split second i thought to hit the M button but didnt do it because the gearbox will go into manual.
So i would have to tap the gear lever again so its in D-mode again)

This time it was different...the street was a little bit longer. So I had more asphalt to build up my speed. Got close
and got his numberplate, as i was afraid to forget the numberplate of the car I had to text it to a friend of mine.
While doing the texting the dude got away..he was driving like a maniac.

My next step: going to the policestation, on the way to the policestation i saw a patrol wagon.
Stoped him only to find out he was in his normal outfit (his shift didnt started yet). So he said because its 19.30 it was
better if I went to the police station tomorrow. I was like hell no! :grrrrr:
As i moved on.... another patrol wagon pull out the parking lot of the policestation:
they werent from this district and I had to dial the police phonenumber :grrrrr:

I went back to my car which i left in front of the policestation, dialed the number, explaind the situation,
when a third patrol wagon stoped behind my car. The officers had that look on their faces like:
"So mister you are in big trouble!" we`ve got a report of 2 cars chasing eachother.
What do you have to say about that?
Again i had to explain.

I mean what tha hell? seriously???

The only 2 things they`re good at:
1. Being smartasses: If we all threw rubbish out of the window the whole world would be a dump.
2. Giving stupide advice like: if you didnt go fast in the first wouldnt get a speeding ticket.

Go catch some the dude that crashed into me.

I dont know about you but I dont respect the law, insurance or people who crash into other people and take off!

Thank you for reading..
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That's F'd up! I wouldn't have let him go. At least you got his plate number though. Good job! M5 For The WIN!!!!!!

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yeah he got away..but i have the police raport, numberplate, contact with his insurance.
If everything goes as planed it will be repaired an covered for by his insurance.

I thought about chasing him till he or I run out of gas but that would be:
1. dangerous for other road users (he wasnt going to stop)
2. if i chased him when would it end?maybe get more damage that wouldnt be covered by his insurance

I thing I did the best thing.

But next time i get into a such a situation its best to take the drivers licence or id of the other person befor going into a street to swap info. That way he cant ascape.
Thats the thing i learned from all of this.

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At least you got his plate number. It is unfortunate for the cops to not be understanding, but on the other hand, justified or not, you chasing him added to the danger as there were now 2 cars flying through the streets, and you being behind him likely made him drive faster in an effort to get away, and this is probably why the cops came down on you a bit.

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I may be in the minority but personally I think you were reckless. You should have just submitted the incident to the insurance company and let it go at that. Just my opinion mind you but really why risk yourself and others for a few scratches.

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The officers had that look on their faces like:
"So mister you are in big trouble!" we`ve got a report of 2 cars chasing eachother.
What do you have to say about that?
Heh, I would have said, "Holy crap, that guy went and hit someone else! You've got to stop him, he's a madman."

Every LEO I know would tell you never to chase the guy.

Every LEO that I know, in the same situation, would chase the guy.

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because iam a guy who doesnt like changes on his car, like scratches. I also dont like when a mechanic put his hands on my car.
This because the guy doesnt love my car like I do.He might demage it. But thats another story.

I learned that next time i will get his information and numberplate befor doing anything else.

Also I will program the transmition to D-mode when pushing the M-button.
So I can better chase the bad guys!!!

No thats stupid...I won`t change anything

Hasnt anyone had a bad experience? and not something like youre daihatsu charade got wrecked....

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Sorry about the damage to the car, thankfully you got his license plate number.

Could you tell us where in Holland this happened?

Also: once again very characteristic behaviour of our Dutch cops. Seems like they are only good at setting up speedtraps on the freeway. A while back our car got broken into and the police bluntly refused to come and take a statement/collect evidence. I think our country has the worst cops of the western world.

Glad that you are OK.

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why driving in D-mode?
when cruising through the citty or highway I enjoy the D...`enjoy` is a big word.but it beats shifting manually.

witch citty did it happen?

Yeah we have the worst cops in the I heard on the radio that the `2de kamer` parlament
aproved a motion against setting up speed camera`s on highways that allready have a `traject controle`.
A traject controle is: if you have a 10 km of road they fix up cameras that meassure your average speed within those 10 km.

Its typical for a Dutch police officer to say to his colleague:

Hey dude! lets be really smart for once and set our camera on a road where there allready is a average speed messurement cameras.
And then catch badguys that go 5km faster between 2 measurements!

these guys are a Joke!

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you ever track the guy down and resolve this w/ your insurance?

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Sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident...the same thing happened to me a while back...only difference was the cops here found the truck that hit me and the owner locked in his house...when they took me to ID guy that hit me, they kicked down his door and arrested your story about how the cops over there is treating the situation really makes me change my perception about police elsewhere in the world...

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Yeah holland cops are bad. sometimes i make jokes about policeman in the U.S (respect my authority!!)
But sirously, when that happend I wish I could have U.S. marshalls arrest that clown!!!

attention all people who want to visit Holland....make sure nothing happen where police have to help you.
Because they won`t.

They will react when you need them, but not in the way you imagine it.

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Should've been in M mode.
Should be in M mode at all times. "D?!" :nono: You would have had a greater safety margin with the higher horsepower and more control in manual. You did the right thing to get his plate then break off. Good luck, I hope it works out in your favor!
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