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first i would like to saythank you for the nice board here...
anyway.. i have some slight problems.. writing english is one of them.ouich
next problem is...
i have a 3,6 l engine.. and it does not run as smooth as i would like it to..
when i accel. its running VERY well.. but when i deaccel. the engine misfires and makes rumble and thunder.. and when i go straight 80km/h or 100/kmh or even 170 km/h the motor is going unstable... it feels like sitting on the back of at bayliner in high sea...
okey.. i guess noone at all understand my explaining here..
i have renewed plugs distribut. rotor, vacum to the flap, and its working alright..
soooo what?
can it be to much fuel? or need of the same??
i have only a 3,0 bar fuelpump,and a 3,0 bar returnvalve... but it seems like m5 is runnig 3,8 bar??
i would be very happe if someone have had the same prob.
since its a very commen problem among my friends here in denmark..:15:


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dennis-f said:
hmm okey .. thx...
so no one have an idea about what can be wrong..?
what about spareparts like GASKETS??

i need a new head\exhoust
anyone know cheap places for bying parts..??:thumbsup:

If I were you,I would check all the rubber hoses on the intake side. Take of the airflow meter/filter box and inspect the rubber between filter box and intake.

All the best
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