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i have had my m5 for 4 months now and have covered around 6000 kms. i live in dubai and the rules for speed are very relaxed although there are some radars it is very uncommon for police to stop you for speeding.
therefore it is common to hit speeds of over 200 on the highway.

anyways, i have been through the boards fairly extensively but i still need some help
from you guys on the following 2 subjects--


i read the in depth discussion on page 5 or 6
about the clutch and particularly appreciate
greg's comments as they are very helpful.
but i think i still need some tips. basically, my car got towed yesterday because my clutch was burnt. the dealer first said that it was the master cylinder but just now confirmed that my clutch is burnt and it is
not covered by warranty. i was very dissapointed to hear this as my previous car
was a 996 carrera and i never had this problem. i bought the m5 because it is 4 door
and also is a very nice ride. in short, a supercar with 4 doors. but i really do not know why the clutch went. on take off, i press the clutch down fully then slightly rev the engine to say 1200rpm then slightly release the cluth and then only floor it when the clutch is fully up. from 1 to 2 , i let go of the throttle completely , press the clutch , change to 2 , bring the clutch up but accelerate just before the clutch is fully up. is this wrong or do u have to bring the clutch fully up before accelerating.
i do switch the dsc off and take off with
the wheels spinning sometimes but when i change i make sure the change is smooth.
please help as the bmw dealer is only to happy to see me spend my hard earned money on burnt clutches.

2} i have already topped up my oil twice.
i think this is because i drive at high speeds regularly. does this improve over time?

3) tyre pressure?

once again i know this has been discussed before but my situation is a bit unique due to whether conditions over here.

basically from nov-april the temp is around 20-25 celsius so i have set the psi at 40 for the front and 44 for the rear. i did this taking averages from this board, bmw recommendations as well. is this the right psi? since i drive at high speeds dos this mean i should have a higher or lower psi?
plus the summers here get very hot temps around 45-50 so what should the tyre pressure be then sine exploding tyres are frequent here in the summers.

thats it . i know this is only my first post and i have probably written too much but i couldnt share my stories or problems with anyoneone since i have only begun to understand the m5. i would greatly appreciate
any input and answers from anyone.

n.b. i will post shortly on some very exciting races i have had with the m5.



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I will try to answer your quetsions:

1. Clutch

I have over 30 000 km on my M5 now and have no problems with my clutch (yet. I think your problem is when you shift from 1st do 2nd, you should not start to accelerate until the clutch is fully up. Then again it seems lika some cars burn their clutch even with perfect take-offs and gear changes. You should be covered by the warranty.

2. Oil?

I had the sam problem but it gets better with time (read: mileage).

3. Tyre pressure

You should have higher psi when you drive fast or hard. As for temperature you should check them whenver their is a big change in temperature. Generally speaking a little bit to much pressure in the tire will not damage the tires but will affect tire wear and ride comfort.

Too little pressure can hurt the tires and will also affect tire wear negative. It can even caus them to explode.

Hope this helps!


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thanks a lot johann.

surprising that i can get more help from here than my bmw dealer.

any more comments will be highly appreciated.

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u seem to be a clutch specialist, any idea what caused my problem.

had a similar problem with an old 320i but that had 80,000 miles.

or maybe i should be driving automatics.

several people have burnt their clutches on their m5's here in dubai so we cant all be doing something wrong.
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