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ok... im sure you guys probably know by now that my clutch is about to take a **** on me and i just ordered a rogue engineering V12 conversion with a JB lightweight flywheel... but in the mean time, i feel like the clutch isn't engaging all the way... feels like the gears are meshing while the clutch is still spinning... the gears aren't grinding but i feel like i am doin damage to her... im thinkin i should just park the beast until i can get a new clutch on her, because i don't wana have to rebuild a tranny after 35k miles and three weeks of ownership... it feels kinda tough to get it in gear.. the toughness started first with 1st->2nd shift when the clutch started to slip and now it has gotten worse and is now happening from neutral->1st->2nd->3rd... opinions or comments please...:sad1:
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i would worry about the hard shift it due to the clutch. when mine started to go It was nearley impossible to get her into second gear on a cold morning had the clutch replaced and changed the oil in transmission and all was fine with nice crisp shifts. but due to the fact that it is getting so tuff to shift and you state you feel like its crunching or grinding i would park her until shes fixed
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