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ok... im sure you guys probably know by now that my clutch is about to take a **** on me and i just ordered a rogue engineering V12 conversion with a JB lightweight flywheel... but in the mean time, i feel like the clutch isn't engaging all the way... feels like the gears are meshing while the clutch is still spinning... the gears aren't grinding but i feel like i am doin damage to her... im thinkin i should just park the beast until i can get a new clutch on her, because i don't wana have to rebuild a tranny after 35k miles and three weeks of ownership... it feels kinda tough to get it in gear.. the toughness started first with 1st->2nd shift when the clutch started to slip and now it has gotten worse and is now happening from neutral->1st->2nd->3rd... opinions or comments please...:sad1:
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i guess nobody around the board likes me or my threads... i get 100 views with not more then 1 comment or opinion posted on all my threads.... did i say or do something to piss off and it's members... hmmm...??? :dunno:
I'd park the car until i could get it fixed.
But a little advice. Be more specific. Don't just write: Help. Then we don't know what you mean. Clutchproblem, help needed urgently. Then only those of us who have a little understanding of clutches would chime in. Some would flame you and say: Use the search function. Which you probably allready have done.
All thr best for the future.
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