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Help with ordering from Germany

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I ordered an M5 from Germany (I live in the
UK, but buying the car in Europe has given me
a saving of about 30%) nearly a year ago and
the time has come to finalise any options.
The car will be in LeMans blue (I ordered
Avus blue) with a Silverstone Sportive
interior. I've already decided on the x6 CD
interchange, integrated child seats and metal
sunroof. I'm also considering the full
leather option and here's my problem.

I've asked the import agent (Eurosales UK
Limited) to ask the dealer (Hammer & Co)
about the full leather option and he was told
that this was already included. This doesn't
sound right and in the UK there are the
following leather options:

Alcantara Head Lining - £1035.00
Extended Nappa Heritage Leather - £1325.00
Full Nappa Heritage Leather - £4220.00
Full Nappa Point Leather - £2895.00

What I think I need is the Full Nappa Point
Leather option. On the German webpage the
following is listed as standard:

"Polsterung: Erweiterte Lederausstattung
Sportive in Prägeleder Nappa Point, inkl.
Interieurleisten Titan."

Using a web based translation engine this
translates as:

"Upholstery: Extended leather configuration
Sportive in stamped leather Nappa Point,
including Interieurleisten titanium."

And the following is listed as optional:

"Edelholzausführung Nußbaum Wurzel
hochglänzend (bei Polsterung Nappaleder

Polsterung: Erweiterte Lederausstattung
Exclusive in Nappaleder Heritage, inkl.
Interieurleisten Edelholz Bruyère Club.

Polsterung: Stoff M Textur Alcantara/
Nappaleder inkl. Interieurleisten Titan.

Polsterung: Volleder Sportive in Prägeleder
Nappa Point, inkl. Dachhimmel in Alcantara
und Interieurleisten Titan.

Polsterung: Volleder Exclusive in Nappaleder
Heritage, inkl. Dachhimmel in Alcantara und
Interieurleisten Edelholz Bruyère Club."

Using the same translation engine, this
translates as:

"Noble wood execution nut tree root high
gloss (with upholstery Nappaleder Heritage).

Upholstery: Extended leather configuration
exclusive one in Nappaleder Heritage,
inclusive Interieurleisten noble wood
Bruyère club.

Upholstery: Material M texture Alcantara/
Nappaleder including Interieurleisten

Upholstery: Volleder Sportive in stamped
leather Nappa Point, including roof sky in
Alcantara and Interieurleisten titanium.

Upholstery: Volleder exclusive one in
Nappaleder Heritage, inclusive. Roof sky in
Alcantara and Interieurleisten noble wood
Bruyère club."

I assume the one I want is either the third
or fourth option, but what's the difference
between Material M texture Alcantara/
Nappaleder and Volleder Sportive in stamped
leather Nappa Point? Also is the dealer
right and (apart from the alcantara head
lining) does the German car already come with
full leather?

If anyone has bought an M5 from Germany,
understands German or is German could they
please give me some advice. What does each
of the German options really give me and what
do I need to order to get that full leather
look? Also does the alcantara head lining
really add to the look of the car?

Phil Spencer.
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I've bought my M5 in Germany and speak fluent german. So please send me the exact details what you want and I can check this with the actual german price list. Best way is to send it directly to me: [email protected]



Thank you for your help. What I am after is the Sportive full Nappa Point Leather option. As I understand it, the standard package gives you leather seats, steering wheel and door panels. The full eather option extends this to include the dashboard, the rest of the cabin trim and possibly alcantara on the roof lining. I don't think it changes the type of leather already there (Nappa Heritage does this, which I don't want).

Since I only have the brochure and details for the UK specification car, and I believe there may be differences between the UK specification and German specification, I need to know what the standard Sportive specification includes. I also need to know what the various Sportive leather & altantara options give you and their prices.

Phil Spencer.
Hello Phil

German sourced cars come with same as UK, extended leather, you need to add to get full option. Full adds doors, dash and a few minor bits of trim.

Just some resale advice if wanting to sell at a later time in UK, don't go for metal sunroof go for glass and also add full comm pack, incl TV, Traffic, GPS, & Phone.

By the way how did you manage to get 30% off UK price, that makes it less than 42K in standard spec???

Good luck, my M5 arrives in UK 2-3 weeks.


Thanks for the advice. I'm planning on keeping the car for quite a while, so resale value doesn't bother me too much. I prefer metal sunroofs and I'm not bothered about TV and phone. SatNav would be nice, but I can't justify another £2K+ just for that.

As for the price, I'm importing the car from Germany and got an 8% discount on German list price from the dealer. The rest of the price is accounted for by the falling value of the Euro. I won't know the actual price until I buy my deutschmarks, but it looks like 30% off UK list should be about right. It's probably just as well, because I don't think I could aford £60K+ on a car.

By the way, it looks like you're from Cambridge (I live ~10 miles south of Cambridge). Did you order your car from BMW there? When I got a test drive last year, they were talking about a two year waiting list. I should be getting my car in another 1-2 months, so importing the car will have been a major bonus, despite all the hassle involved, only 1 years warranty and no driver training.

Phil Spencer.
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Hi Phil

I live 13 miles south of Cambridge, so very close.

I ordered car from L&C in Tunbridge Wells at the beginning of April this year. It's Carbon Black with Silverstone. Scotthall's, could not get one until November/December and imports were over twelve months.

Have you seen Le Mans Blue? - if not you're brave to order on spec

FYI my e-mail is [email protected]


So much for exclusivity! There's only meant to be about about 250 cars in the whole country and now I find there's going to be one virtualy next door! :) I live in Great Chesterford by the way.

During May 1999, Scotthalls was quoting two years, as was Sewells in Bishops Stortford, but importing the car meant I could have it in about a year. I never tried any other dealers after I discovered the savings to be had by importing from Europe (a lot less than they are now as well since the Euro was a lot stronger then). When I test drove the car last November, Scotthalls were quoting just over a year, so it looks like things are getting a bit better.

I haven't seen LeMans Blue in the flesh, but the car I test drove was Avus Blue and that was what I ordered. I've heard that LeMans Blue isn't that much different (a bit brighter and more purplish under sunlight?) and I didn't have much choice anyway since Avus Blue has now been discontinued.

Phil Spencer.
I recently picked up my Le Mans blue car from Holland which was ordered in November with a good spec and with about 27% saving on UK list. I live in Royston, so if you want to see Le Mans blue let me know.
Forgot to mention do not register your car at Luton VRO they take an abosolute age to process the paperwork. I have since heard that Chelmsford or Norwich do it much quicker.
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