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So my drivers door wouldn't open, either from the outside, or inside. No matter how I tried, couldn't open, so I drilled/grinded out the lock plate bolts and busted open the door. Thought it's the actuator that went out, but when I took it apart and tried direct current, it works. I even opened the the panel to the other door and hooked up the actuator to that door and it works. So it's not the actuator. The door lock/latch works correctly as well. I checked with a voltmeter on the actuator plug/wires and I'm getting nothing compared to the other door. My question is, anyone have a diagram of the wiring? Is there a fuse somewhere or something for inividual actuators? Where do the wires go? I don't wanna tear half the car apart trying to trace it down if maybe someone has a diagram. Also happened at the same time, my drivers windows control thing doesn't operate the other windows or the passenger mirror.

Any ideas? Diagrams?

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