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Help w/ M5 Security Information

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I have tried to do a little research related to improving my chances of keeping my M5 and I am still looking for a little help with a few items:

1) Does anyone know if the security system in the M5 is made by Alpine?

2) Does anyone have an opinion on the best stolen car tracking system for Southern California. So far it appears I have three options:
- Lojack which is apparently tower based and requires three properly equipted police cars to be of any use
- Teletrac (also tower based) which seems to get more recommendations, lets you call up and find out the location of your car even when it is not stolen, and can be monitored for theft by their control center
- Alpine Mayday System which I can find very little information about and may be a true GPS system and may be nationwide.

3) Are there any true GPS based security systems available?

4) With something like Teletrac which is apparently always transmitting, can this be easily detected by thieves who can use it to find and deactivate it?

5) Does anybody have a schematic of the alarm system? If I install Teletrac, I want to hook it into the stock alarm system.

Thank you for any assistance in advance.
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Don't know the answers, but you may try posting on the non-M5 E39 board. I think it is the same system and there are more people on that board.
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