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I'm in the midst of installing an Ultinon/Philips based kit and running into wiring issues w/the relayed harness. Have used the search, but previous posts are vague.

Initially, I plugged the fog ballast into the factory fog harness/plug. The bulbs would strike (illuminate) for all of 1 second, then turn off. After 5-9 "on/offs," the fogs remained lit.

Next, attempted to connect the relay/harness to the battery (terminal on engine) and fogs ... fogs ignited, but "strobed"; relay made a clicking sound. Note the driver's side fog harness served as trigger.

Trial and error, I unplugged the headlight ballast, powering via the same relayed harness (headlight harness as trigger). Both headlights lit and no clicking. So - confirmed the harness/relay functioned properly.

Finally, I've confirmed the HID fogs *do* work ... Plugged the headlight harnesses directly into my fog ballasts (no relay/harness) - fired right up.

Now under the impression the load supplied to/through the *factory fog harness* is the culprit??? Have yet to try the passenger side fog harness to switch the relay.

Any help would be much appreciated! :byebye:

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