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Help please - spark plug chamber full of water on Cylinder 6

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We're doing an oil/sparks/filter/air filter change today.

Just took spark cover off and when removing Cylinder 6's coil pack, the hole was full of water pretty much up to the top - 6 being the cylinder closest to the front of the car.

It's not sweet (I tasted it), so it's not coolant ....

It's been very wet recently, but I'm not sure how that could fill with water - car has done about 2000/3000 miles since we were last in there (when I had a misfire).

Dried it out using kitchen towels and about to put it all back together (we're also doing a compression test today).

Any ideas on what this is and what I should worry about?

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does anybody have the part number for those nuts? I ordered what i thought was the correct one and got something different. I then removed a nut and took it to my dealer who said he didn't know how to find the part number for ithmmm

I told him all the locations of this nut (throttle bodies, valve cover, coil pack brackets) and still i got the same dull nut when we tried again:crying:
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