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Help out there from Nevada (Reno or LAke Tahoe)

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Im going to fly out sometime next week to RENO nevada and possibly purchase a car from a dealer near you. Im wondering if someone can check out the car for me before i fly out there. check it out for everything wrong or good about the car? Comes with free lunch or dinner? :) Id be very greatful if you can and suggest a BMW Dealer to do a PPI on this car? here is the place and addy and number.

Sport Haus Sales Hours:
Mon-Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 1p to 4p and by appointment only
call 775-303-1447 and ask for Sales
9732 S Virginia St Reno, NV 89511-5941

Thank you very much.
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If it was Vegas I'd be all over it, but Reno is a bit of a drive from here...
Hopefully someone will notice this and help out!
Bump for ya..
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