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Car is 2008 E60 M5 with 99k. Header delete and FAMS tune.
Guys - I have been working with my shop over the last 3 months to pass emission. The error was for secondary air system so I first got the FAMS tune update to make the system "not ready" which still generated a check engine light which led me to try to fix the SAP. The code I started with was P2432 P0492 and P0133. It was focused on SAP but all over the board so we changed out the battery ( 4 years old) and made sure alternator was strong. I drove the car two days and a new error P2448 came in. We swapped out MAF sensors (orginal), SAP pump and EGR valves. Drove few more days and received a different error P114D which is related to O2 sensor. I now orders 4 O2 sensors and throttle actuator ( one was already replaced) to see if it fixes it. Just yesterday when I pulled codes, the P114D went away and the P2448 came back.. It moves from bank 1 and bank 2 so not where the issue is. Today I got the P2629 error Any ideas ?
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