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Hello old friends (I moved to the dark side, kind of)

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Hi old M5 buddies,

Well after my old M5 (beastpower's car), I now sold my TT and Cayenne and got a replacement (RS6). I was looking at the new E55 but no AWD to go skiing. The new M5 not for me as I am not in love with the styling.

2003 Daytona Gray with Black Interior, CF Trim, Miltek Full Exhaust/Flow cats, GIAC software with 3 modes (91 Stock, 91 race and 100 race), RS6+ Pedals, Euro Front and Rear lights, Sportec 19's with 285 rubbers, Clear Armor protection, Valentine One (needs to be hardwired), Sirius, Diverter Valves.

Not dynoed yet but should be around 540+HP/550+TQ on 100 gas.

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Congratulations on the RS6. mmmmmm I am also a convert from BMW to Audi (check sig). I love the BMW's I have, and will probably never get rid of them (except for the X5), but the new designs and "Why-Drive" kept me away from anything BMW is producing right now. The only thing that kept me away from the RS6 was the Auto-tranny. It's still one of the best auto's I've ever driven. My friend lets me drive his quite a lot and has basically the same mods you do, except he has O.C.T. instead of GIAC. That car has got some stupid power and on the highway will take the Z8 pretty bad. Congrats! :1:
Chrisfast said:
That car has got some stupid power and on the highway will take the Z8 pretty bad. Congrats! :1:
Would anyone have thought that within 5 years of the E39 M5/Z8 introductions, the problem would be the car is not competitive in the current horsepower wars? Things sure change quickly!! (BTW, loved the "WHY-DRIVE" moniker! :1: )
Hey Fred! Nice Car and nice HP!! lovelove

540+ ouich That seems insane for a midsize/full. What did the origional RS6 have. The numbers are really impressive.

I on the other hand fell in love with the M5 and it's going to be the car i keep.

i took a test drive with the Shop Foreman at BMW FRemont and he said that the E39 M5's are fetching Top $$.

The last used one there sold for around $70k with 3 offers. The E39 M5 to me is an old Friend that will never leave my side.

Good luck with the 6 and keep us up to date. :2:
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one thing you guys are forgetting is they are turbo charged.. BOOST is your friend... some companys are picking up 10hp per pound on safe settings. some more.. take my toyota for example, stock 296 to the wheels, on 13 psi. I did a 3" exhaust, 3" down pipe, 18 psi 345 to ground 22 psi 400 wheel hp and 24 psi 435 wheel hp..( this was out of the range of turbo) Trubos are like drugs... once you get high you have to have more...

Is there a link to that company that makes the parts for the Audi RS6? if so would you mind posting it so i can tell david about it.
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