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Hello old friends (I moved to the dark side, kind of)

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Hi old M5 buddies,

Well after my old M5 (beastpower's car), I now sold my TT and Cayenne and got a replacement (RS6). I was looking at the new E55 but no AWD to go skiing. The new M5 not for me as I am not in love with the styling.

2003 Daytona Gray with Black Interior, CF Trim, Miltek Full Exhaust/Flow cats, GIAC software with 3 modes (91 Stock, 91 race and 100 race), RS6+ Pedals, Euro Front and Rear lights, Sportec 19's with 285 rubbers, Clear Armor protection, Valentine One (needs to be hardwired), Sirius, Diverter Valves.

Not dynoed yet but should be around 540+HP/550+TQ on 100 gas.

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WoW Fred,

That's some car. :eek: :eek: The GIAC chip alone upped the power that much?

Glad you're enjoying a full variety of super-cars.

greg said:
Hey, Fred -

Welcome back. I sold my TT too. Took it in the shorts. Aaargh.

Hi Greg,

So you did sell your 996tt. I remeber that car well. Anytime you need a fix, let me know and you can take my RUF out on your favorite roads.

At least you still have your M5, now all fixed up and ready to go.

Lets' keep in touch.

1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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