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Hello i just signed up here cause i have a buddy that smashed up his front end, hood all the way to the fenders and his drivers air bag went off on a 2006 525i. Right now hes pretty fffed he was still on liability after moving back home from over the ocean.

I told him id help him out....

Im not a mechanic but i like cars and i fix them.
I was wondering could or would i need to get the ecu reset since the air bag went off?

I never played with a bmw before just trying figure out how much hes looking at in parts.

Also i like making things out of fiberglass/cf so if anyone has any cool front bumper/ fender/hood ideas post some pics i could make them and sell them to you. It would be much cheaper since i already have a mold

I pretty much did the same thing in my audi and this is how it looked after i fiexd it + some bmw front ends i was thinking about. The split bmw hood is kinda tacky but who ever did it props. Id rock it if i made it.

Ohh yeah im in Pittsburgh pa if anyone is close

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