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Hi guys,

I am new to the forum here and new to M5's, though not new to BMW's. Prior to my new (To me) E39 M5 that I've just purchased, I've been the owner of two E30's, one of which I'm in the middle of doing a nearly complete rebuild on from a newly rebuilt M20, to new transmission, new subframes, bushings, KW suspension, steering rack, M3 control arms, sway bars, differential, etc, etc. and have done nearly all the work myself. Now jumping up to a 2000 M5, I can tell this car is a bit more complex, but nothing I won't be able to tackle in terms of maintenance when those situations arise.

Oddly enough, some of you may have seen my car before actually. I'm still very unfamiliar with the forum here, but there's a user named "Diny" who used to own this particular vehicle from what I've gathered. It's rather high miles now at 174K, but I can tell it's been well taken care of over its lifetime. Surely there will be gremlins popping up on a car with this many miles (Whether or not it's a German sports sedan) but that's more than half the fun for me! I'd love to know more information on this vehicle from others on here if possible and its history as I try to dig in and understand what needs doing to properly care for it. I've tried to do some searching, but surely haven't found everything yet.

As I also understand there may have been some folks on here who I was bidding against to get this car so hopefully no hard feelings. Excited to be in an M5 and looking forward to learning more!
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