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With a grand total of 48 since taking delivery of my M5 I'm most definitely impressed, the vehicle is incredible. Unfortunately, getting to 1200 miles is almost as bad as waiting for the car (well almost as bad).

My question to the group is do you find the rear seat headrests blocking your visibility? Does anyone know if they can be easily removed?


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Enjoy your new Beast. I took 300 mile round trips to nowhere and back, just to get past the break in period.

My wife complains about the headrests, but then again she's not going to be driving the car!!!

I think you may be able to remove them without too much dificulty....however, If the mirrors are adjusted properly your sideviews should be great.

07/00 Titanium M5
Bob: congrats, and the run to 1200 FLIES by

Will you be making it to our M5 meet on the 9th?

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The rear headrests should pop out with a firm pat on the underside as they do for me. I got my M mid July and have 6800 miles on it so far. I just did an incredibe M worthy road trip from the Bay Area to Utah's national parks via Yosemite. With my mtn. bike in the back I got as far as Moab but driving and washing the M was more enjoyable. I rode the bike about 2 miles and turned around, anticipating my gleaming jewel poised on the grass(ok sandy grass) as I rode around the last bend. Btw, the electronic speed govener in my car dosn't come on at the published speed. Oh well, nothing's ever perfect.
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At high speed, the speedo gets quite optimistic to say the least. To get a better feel for the true road speed, you should check out the OBC readings (but not at 155 MPH). I heard that it kicks in quietly and some people have gotten 157 MPH max.
With 400 hp why do you want to see behind you?
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