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Getting a tad pi$$ed off with this now as i can't think what could be causing this problem.

Basically (now the nights have drawn in) i'm dazzling oncoming traffic & traffic directly in front of me. What's weird is it doesn't seem to happen constantly i.e. not every journey but probably every other journey & once it's started it will continue for the whole of that journey. Example, went out to get a takeaway last night & dazzled everything on the way there, however no flashes from oncoming traffic on the way back.

I've checked that the Continental lights setting isn't activated & it isn't so not that causing the problem. Also i've not got the Auto Main Beam engaged, just the regular Auto lights.

I also noticed months ago that when i had Auto (Active) Main Beam engaged i was still getting flashes from oncoming traffic.

Seems to be the headlamp beam sits very high as per back in the day when you could just adjust the height to compensate loads/weight in the car. I also read these new fancy lights are fully active so different bulbs/beams engage when turning & also when accelerating/braking so you've always got a perfect spread of light. My problem is my spread of light is dazzling everyone.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this & a fix? Off to the dealers later to have a word but i'm pretty sure it will be met with a scratching of heads.
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